ब्लॉग में आपका स्वागत है

हृदय के उदगारों को शब्द रूप प्रदान करना शायद हृदय की ही आवश्यकता है.

आप मेरी शक्ति स्रोत, प्रेरणा हैं .... You are my strength, inspiration :)

English Verses


 icy  waves  wallop 

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Meet Me
Open your lashes, it has been long I saw myself
Say sweet phrases, has been years heard myself

Then you say

Two elders conversing
days n nights are really of kids
No tension to earn
No sleep lost, on fear of losing


She is my Mother

love flows continuously
improving the world smilingly
striving for good of all persons
who has taught me these lessons

she is my mother

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my name...

he erases my name

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I- a known stranger

O’ how much I crave for your love
Love which never came my way

That tenderness of your eyes

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Let me not into this world.

Don’t let me into this world

My body will be mauled n hurl’d

Anywhere I go, I won’t be safe

Traps laid everywhere, I am unsafe

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Came to stay
He came
to stay,

along with

free from frauds
fidelity, fertile field
faith feeds feelings
forgets flaws, frictions

feigned fake smile
feeds friendship a while

Ah the bliss
The rain brings
To parched earth

I sit
feeling cheated, in pain

if it was love dear
and love is divine

when you were here
pain, so easy to bear

If I say dawn has not arrived
Will you light my world like the sun

with various colors
on colorful sheets
with brighteners
full of eye treats

Set you free
But myself?
How to set ‘me’ free

Today I promise to be

more patient towards myself n others

more caring towards myself n others
more forgiving towards myself n others
more loving towards myself n others

you went missing
no reminiscing?
did it never strike
feelings, walled by dike?

your words, albeit silent 
yet i hear your whispers
your touch featherly
still i feel the warmth..

when I see with your eyes
there is no limit in the skies
my wings shiny, soft yet strong
none of the steps ever get wrong
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You search me!
Swaying trees
flowing river
falling rain
brown earth
gives you life
I am there....
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You entered my being
flowing like blood in veins
in me all over
yet unfelt.
A shiver holding me
engulfing me,....
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My body lay there
I had crossed
The barriers
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Waves rising and falling
Dreams awake yet dreaming
You gave words to feeling
Real life started weaving
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I was standstill
You gave the strength
Lifting my steps
I walked
I sprinted
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your thoughts
the conversations
the confrontations
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You came in my life
With freshened hope
Rains for parched earth
The life giving breath
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Look at my kohled eyes
It’s a frame for your face
See my rainbow bangles
Its to colour your life

My voice sweet
Am a fine orator
But I can’t speak
My ears sharp
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Give me a chance
A chance to live
A chance to fulfill
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I thought the life was mine
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My dream don’t need wings
Its feet are on ground
Doesn’t wish to conquer the skies
Heart of fellow beings is the desire
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The river flowed
A lone boat
sometimes along
at times against
but, always on its own
the currents rebelled
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The flower
Beautiful as ever
Fragrance- breeze still brings
The hue- attracts
Hands- are extended
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How do I love you
take you to vast regimes
and proclaim my love
or cuddle you in my arms and let the warmth speak,
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Ah the trust seed you sow
To watch it handsomely grow
The perpetual care you, on me shower
Letting my dreams be alive and flower
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Why did you say I am beautiful?
This earth has but one graceful
Voice - sprinkling water, full of sweetness
Heart childlike full of tenderness
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Don’t worry my love
I love you a lot
There is helplessness
Frustration a lot
Life’s stopping my pace
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O! that sharp pain pierced once again
This time at different place
It is gnawing again
There’s no remedy
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I look at the stump and wonder
Was there or is the life yonder
It was there as a base
And no there was no haste
Slowly and slowly it withered
Became a vegetable never imagined
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................................... Lovingly
he handed her a rose. Sweetly
she gave him a smile. Lightly
he touched her brow. Shyly
she handed him her hand. Gladly
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I read your thoughts but
have not understood you.
I care very much for but
have not told you.
I love your very presence but
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O’ how much I crave for your love
Love which I never got
That tenderness which says – Yes, you are mine
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I don't say, I will die for you
But, I will say, I will live
To at least bring, a smile to your lips
I may sometimes, forget things
But, everything of you, for you and
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