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हृदय के उदगारों को शब्द रूप प्रदान करना शायद हृदय की ही आवश्यकता है.

आप मेरी शक्ति स्रोत, प्रेरणा हैं .... You are my strength, inspiration :)

Monday, January 31, 2011

“Lets talk about Bosses”--Strange experience..

 I shifted to Dehradun to be with my parents and joined an office   here. Overall the atmosphere here is just like offices generally have,  a combination of every type of individuals.

 Here also I came across something which seemed….or I should say something I really couldn’t comprehend…..

 Winter at Dehradun is really chilly and I don’t have a liking for tea, so I thought of making myself (though we have a office boy for this work) a cup of coffee (everyone is provided with tea two times a day) during ‘our’ tea-break time bringing in my own coffee powder. And will anyone believe it….. I was refrained from doing so..No logic behind this refusal of letting me help myself with a cup of coffee in this chilly weather. Reason best know to ‘Boss’. 

 So now my dear Ma or Bhabhi (sis-in law) give me a flask of the coffee which I take along with me to office. 

But can I forget this also?

“Lets talk about Bosses”

Anyone who has ever worked out, has come across an entity called ‘Boss’. One can read many jokes based on boss-employee relationship, good ones, bad ones, and of course just hilarious ones.

I also have had chances, yes chances – more than one, to work under ‘Bosses’. And of course as I am totally an individual ‘entity’ like my ‘Bosses’, so, I have had experiences – good as well as unexpected ones. Being human beings every individual has certain positives and negatives but often some characteristics overshadow other behavioural traits, which may be positive as well as negative depending on overall dominance of character traits.

I worked at “Cavalier” in Delhi, a coaching institute for 'defence aspirants' headed by Col. Chhabra and Major Chopra. Both of them, good human beings.

Two of the things I particularly remember are, the affection shown by Col. Chhabra when my parents shifted to Dehradun, he said, “Tell your parents not to worry for you that they are in Dehradun as you have parent here in Delhi also.” He was the person who was feared by entire staff and students but I felt always at ease with him (he was disciplined person so probably feared).

Every boss wants that the employee always stays back far beyond the stipulated office timings but here also Sir was exception. Whenever there was no work and even if there was half an hour left of the office timings, Sir used to say, “Priti don’t want to go home? Why are you sitting?” Not only this, during winters he always asked me to leave half an hour earlier, as darkness crept in earlier.

He Is undoubtedly the best “Boss” anyone can have.

And surely this is not all but just two of many incidents.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

वो मेरी माँ है

In English - http://prritiy.blogspot.in/2013/07/she-is-my-mother.html

बहे  स्नेह्धारा  अविरल  
संवारूं  जग  को  प्रतिपल  
करती  रहूँ  सबकी  भलाई 
 किसने  है  सीख  सिखाई

वो  मेरी  माँ  है

हर  चीज   को  मिल  बाँटना  
चाहों  को  शीशा  दिखाना  
परिवार  पहले  है  आता  
कहाँ  से  ये  गुण  समाता

वो  मेरी  माँ  है

भूखे  पेट  कभी  सो  लेना  
तृप्ति  हर  दिल  में  भर  देना  
गुड़  बर्फी  से  मीठी  पाई 
किसने  त्याग  की  रीत  बताई

वो  मेरी  माँ  है

छोटों  को  दुलार करना  
बूढों  का  मनुहार  करना  
सबका  मान  है  स्वमान   से  बड़ा  
किसने  दिखाई  सम्मान  की  विधा

वो  मेरी  माँ  है

सबकी  प्रिय  हूँ  मानी जाती  
आदर  सबसे  निरंतर  पाती  
मुस्काते , बाधाओं  से  लड़ना  
कहाँ  से  आई  ये  प्रेरणा

वो  मेरी  माँ  है

माँ  सम  कर्मठ  हैं  कहते  मुझको  
माँ  सी  सायानी  है  कहते  मुझको  
हूँ  आज  जो  सबकी  दुलारी  
किससे  पाई  ये  छवि  प्यारी

वो  मेरी  माँ  है!

12:45 p.m., 10/8/10