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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Let Peace Prevail

Hatred begets hatred and has multitude of backlash. Revenge can never bring in peace. For peace, though at times strength is needed but it is not the strength of hatred or physical violent power. It needs the power of rational thinking, of not becoming animal while seeking to get even. 

Celebration of death is never ‘human’. With his death the evilness of his soul is gone. But celebration, it seems weird, cannibalistic. 

Let us be in peace, at least now, with others and with ourselves. Let us begin seeking peace within ourselves and let it spread its wings far and wide. 

Let peace prevail.


  1. It could be good piece of write..
    Just think about thousands of innocent dead, their loved one and humanity suffering all around.
    Think about solders who have been suffering for years due to such evil powers.
    Think about the money and resources wasted, which could have been used for serving humanity.
    Think about who has lost their loved one in terrorist attacks.
    If you can’t condemn them, for shake of humanity don’t make them HEEROS

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  3. Dear Anonymous,

    I am no way making them Heroes, rather I am imploring one and one to let peace reign and THAT INCLUDES All those who unleash violence over scores of innocent people.

    Common people people suffer, but I know the most sufferers are the troops who for the sake of safety of others are continuously suffering, away from their families, friends.

    I am imploring the seekers and perpetrators of violence to stop for everyone's sake, for their own sake, for their own children.

    I condemn violence.

    And also there is No need to be anonymous while saying anything, I am open to constructive criticism.

    I am thankful for your words as it made me answer and this answer may clear many misunderstanding of one and all for my viewpoint.

  4. Your explanation is contradictory, isn’t?
    What does ILLUSTRATION of the article shows?
    Are you sure?
    You condemn violence but you feel pain on celebration of biggest enemy of humanity.
    Entire world is celebrating, but there are some people mourning around the Globe.

    Have not you seen the celebration of all age group at GROUND ZEERO? Do you think they were celebrating for bad reasons or death of a holy man?

    Is your country not suffering?
    Are your children in safe haven?

    Anyways, everyone has his/her own views and preaches…

    Bravo!!! Navy-Seal. Thank you Mr. President. You have the guts to drag them out from their safe heavens and eliminate in front of patrons.
    Come on friends! Let us celebrate and give the strong message to their supporters/sponsors/well-wishers;sooner or later they will be punished.
    Thank you friend! Let the truth prevail.

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  6. Hi Anon,

    I am again thankful to you for your kind words.

    My illustration doesn't applaud the evil but purification of soul. Once the soul is released it is purified till it again doesn't reign a body with a sinful mind.
    It shows that soul now is free and at peace so atlast we can move towards peace. I have written: Osama's Soul- Let peace prevail now, it means now that his soul is free of body, the world can heave a sigh in anticipation of peace.

    Maybe I couldn't show what I wanted to but then friend, I am human and have my own shortcomings. I am not perfect nor have a power to convince everyone, if I had, I would have striven to make the world full of love and peace.

    Also I fear he will now be called a 'martyr' and become ideal for the perpetrators of violence. But then we didn't have any other choice, did we? So that he would have to known to generations. what he was.

    Again Thanks Friend. Am happy we are still humane.

    God Bless You n All!

  7. Hi friend,
    Thank you for meaningful response.
    Now the essence of your write is crystal clear to me. Applause..
    Being a kind human being you are absolutely right, but we should never forgive an evil soul otherwise after death none will be evil.
    Yes, your fear is logical but it is not new. It does not matter at all, since mushrooming is there..
    They are basically cowards, they stab from back only.
    Elimination is only solution. Retaliate in the language they know. Expose their well-wishers/supporters/sponsors, who are more dangerous.
    Terror in Punjab had been defeated by two super cops Mr. Fransis Rebaro( excuse if spelling not correct) & Mr. Gill who dealt with evil forces
    With an iron hand.
    Yes for sure, we are good humane & will remain.
    Thanks a lot for healthy interaction.
    Best wishes. God bless all of us with peace & prosperity.
    Hope to see you here again.

  8. Hi Anon Friend(though I feel you are not Anon :)),
    Yes, you are right, there is only a extent for forgiveness.

    Sure will be happy to have interaction soon.

    Best Wishes.

  9. Hi friend, are you sure, am not Anon?
    OK, give two hints about me.
    Good luck.

  10. Hi Anon,

    My heart says I know you, (someone known to me in facebook?) now don't ask me to solve riddles, am not much good at that, so please tell. I am waiting. [:)]

    Talk soon!

  11. Hi friend(not FB) try lil bit more may be you get it one day.
    Good luck.

  12. Hi friend(not FB) try lil bit more may be you get it one day.
    Good luck.

  13. Hi,

    I surrender, you can be from any media - twitter, orkut or a wider circle even maybe a closer circle of friends, its just searching for a needle in haystack.

    So please :), come forth.

    Warm Regards

  14. Hi Friend in Anon's form, unveil yourself.

  15. I have come on your blog first time.I liked your slogan 'Let peace prevail'.Gandhiji also said'hate the sin but not the sinner.' I may very well feel the purity of your heart.
    Thanks for the nice post.
    Whenever you find time,please visit my blog.You may feel some peace there.


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