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Monday, January 31, 2011

“Lets talk about Bosses”--Strange experience..

 I shifted to Dehradun to be with my parents and joined an office   here. Overall the atmosphere here is just like offices generally have,  a combination of every type of individuals.

 Here also I came across something which seemed….or I should say something I really couldn’t comprehend…..

 Winter at Dehradun is really chilly and I don’t have a liking for tea, so I thought of making myself (though we have a office boy for this work) a cup of coffee (everyone is provided with tea two times a day) during ‘our’ tea-break time bringing in my own coffee powder. And will anyone believe it….. I was refrained from doing so..No logic behind this refusal of letting me help myself with a cup of coffee in this chilly weather. Reason best know to ‘Boss’. 

 So now my dear Ma or Bhabhi (sis-in law) give me a flask of the coffee which I take along with me to office. 

But can I forget this also?


  1. वाह देहरादून ..जिन्दगी एक अनुभव के सिवा कुछ नहीं

  2. Thanks aapke aagman ke liye, Kewal Ramji.
    dehradun is ok but its 'the boss' of this particular office, can't say for all of them here, as no more experience.

  3. Some are really thick heads . We have no better option than to tolerate such people around.

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  5. Good writing!
    how can you tolerate someone abusing a mother? is Boss's mother is responsible for what yoy went through? you may claim that it is not your view but blog is yours.
    Disgraceful, is not it?

    its nice way to blame others for own incompitency.

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  8. Dear Anonymous,

    Rightly said, It has been a grave error on my part to have overlooked it whatever reasons, no excuse for my this mistake. I will request the person to rectify it, though I can easily remove it myself but the concerned person should know it also, so I will ask him to.

    I am really thankful to you to have drawn my attention to this grave error on my part too.

    But Sir/Madam whosoever you are, when you saying the 'right thing' why is the need to hide Your Identity?
    The other person who used wrong words hasn't hidden himself so why do you?

    You also seem to be 'Biased' like the other writer (he/she might have had some grudges against whom he/she wrote). For you are talking about incompetency but there is no mention about WORK as I have written "I take along with me to office". :) At least like others please you also don't get biased while writing, as you are pointing the mistakes committed by others, or YOU Are?

    The words "its nice way to blame others for own incompitency." tells it all that you are here just to point out fingers.

    And because you have stated here I would like to add I never talked on this topic with the Boss though we had other open discussions, then once when we had private discussion on some other topic he just mentioned it and the explanation was more ridiculous than this act which I will tell you now (and I had not added as I was just telling my experience).

    The Gentleman told me that he had said no to it because then others would have brought in cold drinks in break hours during summer (which though was occasionally still brought in)or others might bring in "Lassi" (sweetened curd) and would have asked management to buy a 'Lassi maker' which anyone will say is not worth its word as no employee will ever ask so. And to top this all When the Winter was approaching its end The Younger Brother of Boss came to the 'Floor' and said to me that I Can Prepare Coffee for Myself. So :) that explains all.

    Once again I thank you for pointing the error on my part Which I accept but would tell you if you really were a true person you Wouldn't have hidden yourself.

    Best Wishes.

  9. Ms Prrity ji,
    First of all I did not mean to finger point the mistakes or to hurt anyone.
    I was not biased at all though it was felt.
    I accidently reached to your blog and impressed by your presentation and work/thought process.
    I was amazed to read super write on your parents which is self-explainer about your family culture.
    Impressed too with about "Boss"...but the comments really moved me away as I thought your consents also within.
    Now I realize that it was not deliberately.
    I know some small companies are still function with conservative approach, and think about their profit only.
    I support your thinking and approach the way you dealt with situation.
    For sure you are not incompetent at all.
    There is no motive behind hiding ID, the only reason we are not known to each other.
    Finally you are awesome with your emotion and writing...hats off.
    ---Grish Kaushal, Indira Nagar Lucknow ( UP) India...a struggling finance consultant.

  10. Shri Grish Kaushalji,

    Gratitude for understanding and also Thanks for the encouraging words on my work.

    Best Wishes

  11. achchhaaii hamaare bhitar hai ..
    buraaii bahar hain ..God is with you.. God bless you


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