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Thursday, June 28, 2012

If it was love

if it was love dear
and love is divine
how then is it over
why does my heart pine

i danced to his tunes
trying, matching his rhythm
holding hard in dunes
being non-believer, seldom

it was so precious dear
need rains to hide tear
he said-love you a lot
stay 'with' you but not

he would take me to  land of dreams
and say, dream with me many dreams
of small love bites and baby in arms
high or low, being in each other's arms

one day he said- let anyone near,
anyone touches you, now can't bear
then.... just a few hours passed
the dreams, words, smile... had passed

no words for days i heard
silence, to my calls, all heard
he made me believe love is divine
left me, now for me he doesn't pine

7.17pm, 26/6/2012


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