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Monday, June 30, 2008


Don’t worry my love
I love you a lot
There is helplessness
Frustration a lot
Life’s stopping my pace
Hurdles to overcome a lot
Dreams going haywire
To gather broken pieces a lot
Images of people shatter
Those shreds pierce a lot
You ache mutely telling
You belong to me a lot
The helplessness, frustration
You are not to be blamed
Pace stopper, hurdles, shattered dreams
You are not to be blamed
It is the mindset of people
Which is to be blamed
That they don’t realize you can do it
It is to be blamed
That you want to live a life
They cant understand is to be blamed
Don’t worry my stump
I love you a lot


  1. DON'T WORRY I LOVE YOU A LOT...........
    bahut khoobsurat line hain..
    poetry is also too good..

  2. There is nothing to be blamed , no one to be blamed , when the perpetual love makes us forgive everyone everything.
    Love reading ,quite instructive though.

  3. very nice ..poem don"t worry ,i love u alot ..bahut khub


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