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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

what life means to me.

I read your thoughts but
have not understood you.
I care very much for but
have not told you.
I love your very presence but
have not shown you.
I know some of your facts but
have not known you.
I have prayed for you but
have not worshiped you.
I very well know that
You love me very much but
have not been loved.
You cared for me very much but
have not been cared.
You wanted a reply from me but
have not been replied.
But what can I do
I am not sure myself that
what my feelings are.
I don’t think I know that
what my thinking are.
I suspect many things as
what they really are.
I don’t know what you
really mean to me.
Wait, if you can wait till
I know what life means to me.


  1. i felt a very delicate touch of love.....thanks but itna wait karwana......... not a good habit yaar.....ok..
    so tell him...
    achhi rachna..

  2. I very well know that
    You love me very much but
    have not been loved...very nice


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