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Monday, June 30, 2008


I look at the stump and wonder
Was there or is the life yonder
It was there as a base
And no there was no haste
Slowly and slowly it withered
Became a vegetable never imagined
Hope was, but a, distant dream
Tears, Oh now and then used to gleam
Then came the time of judgement
The stump was but the remnant
Winds that blew away the shriveled foliage
Had been vehement, so full of rage
Now all over there was calm
Applying balm, no the rage was not a sham
Stump stumbled back to life
Will it or wont it everywhere was the rife
A new sapling was grown
To many it seemed was its own
Now it’s giving shade no wonder

Was there or is the life yonder

1 comment:

  1. when i read it my eyes filled with tears..
    recall once i suggested u write biography..at taht timer ur this poem was in my mind..


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