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Sunday, November 21, 2010

me --- ‘The Perfect’?

when I see with your eyes

there is no limit in the skies

my wings shiny, soft yet strong

none of the steps ever get wrong

angels stand ever on guard

for lips to smile never is hard

fairies slightly touch here and there

from within joy radiates everywhere

having a grace now, my walk

enchanting and soft, my talk

eyes have a mesmerizing twinkle

face glistens belying any wrinkle

when in your arms I live in

world is beautiful to live, in

actions turn out to be perfect

you make me feel ‘The Perfect’

5:48pm, 6/6/10


  1. Only some people who have their inner etes can see like you the universe with " others " Eyes.
    Like it.
    At least there is a change in your style I notice .
    isee you are less Pseudomoralistic .


  2. when I see with your eyes

    there is no limit in the skies very nice


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