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Thursday, February 23, 2012


Set you free
But myself?
How to set ‘me’ free

Free of ‘love’ for you
stifling the hopes.
But to free myself….
Hope! Hopes against hope

Let you go,
to take your hand away.
But me, still waiting….
Staring, my hand in disbelief.

Close your heart,
ignore my pain.
But my heart ripped….
Bleeding, writhing for you.

Set you free
How to set ‘me’ free

12.44pm, 23/2/2012


  1. How to set 'me' free,a good question.
    But who bounded you?
    You yourself,I think.
    So please try to set yourself free.

    Your poem is a beautiful emotional presentation.
    Thanks a lot,Preeti ji.

  2. Thanks to all. Rakeshji thats what i wanted to say setting others free can be said...but..setting ''ourself'' free, free from affection..........No i can't do, I am not Saint........its impossible, today........


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