ब्लॉग में आपका स्वागत है

हृदय के उदगारों को शब्द रूप प्रदान करना शायद हृदय की ही आवश्यकता है.

आप मेरी शक्ति स्रोत, प्रेरणा हैं .... You are my strength, inspiration :)

Sunday, July 6, 2008


Ah the trust seed you sow
To watch it handsomely grow
The perpetual care you, on me shower
Letting my dreams be alive and flower

The way we laugh, sway together
Taking care all the blessings we gather
Walking on path smooth or steep
Together we laugh, think or weep

The world’s along us
Or we miss the bus
Winds dancing our way
Determined, come what may

Overcoming all the worldly strife
Gaining the experience of life
You and I, I and you run along
Singing the sweetest of sweet song

The confidence in you I have
The belief in me you have
You watch it handsomely grow
Yes the trust seed I sow


  1. Ah the trust seed you sow
    To watch it handsomely grow....
    bahut utkrist rachna.

  2. Ye Lakshmi bhai ko kavi kisne bana diya, kon hai wo jisne ye sab sikha diya. good

  3. kon hain hum aap nahin pachan payenge, kar lo band aankhen, hum samne hi nazar ayenge. aare ab to samaj lo aur kitna dimag lagayenge, socho, socho,socho, hum muskurate hue nazar aayenge

  4. hey Mr Anon let me know your name at least so that i know who ever it is to thanks even if in heart...


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