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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

i could sleep!

Waves rising and falling
Dreams awake yet dreaming
You gave words to feeling
Real life started weaving

Ready to pick all the thorns
Give my falling legs, the arms
Resisting all fairy charms
Gave me the strong arms

Believing your eyes, I rose
Defying the world, I chose
Time brought us too close
Left nothing for me to pose

How did then the venom creep?
Leaving nothing even to weep!
All the memories could you sweep?
Peacefully in His arms I could sleep!

5:13 p.m., 9 feb, 2010


  1. Read it before though !
    I think you should post some pictures to make your blog customized prrit

  2. Venoms ,in our rituals used to intoxicate ourselves. Tantrics always do that.
    Whether you like it or not it is there in yoour system. Just let go !!!


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