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Monday, August 12, 2013

then you say

the hindi version was- http://prritiy.blogspot.in/2013/03/fir-kehte-hain.html -  हिंदी  में

then you say

Two elders conversing
days n nights are really of kids
No tension to earn
No sleep lost, on fear of losing
Forgot, the days of infancy
Words, pink petals didn’t know
It was hard conveying
To say what was ailing

To state, only by wailing
Oh! Bladder is brimming
And you! pat my stomach
Rushed out, was held till now
Made clothes wet again, then you say

Ah!  Bladder is relaxing
Elders are still tittle-tattling
Oh! Stomach seems empty
Look at others with eagerness
Again started crying, then you say

Oh! The awful stomach-ache
Mom asleep, merciless all will say
Tears flow and cry out, milk being fed
God! singing lullaby to make me sleep
Does not stop crying, then you say

Such, some infancy tensions,
Gave a thought? why surprised?
Was learning to speak easy anyway?
Innumerable falls while learning to walk
You baba babble, speak clear then you say

Don’t touch that, don’t go there
If ask anything- ‘don’t pester now’
We have no money with us
Day n night we are lectured
So much we have to bear
Cannot lead life on our own way
What a carefree life and then you say
10.02 pm, 8 aug,13

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