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Saturday, August 17, 2013


Wonderful Morning

I open my lids to a beautiful morn, slow
Orange chariot rider makes my face glow
Birdie, flapping the air and twittering away
Whites droopy, colored shuddering with gay

Drops gathered at night, leaf on me hurls
Dewy fragrant breeze plays with my curls
Butterfly flitting showing off her colorful attire
Cat, for milk, mewing, rubbing, no signs to retire

Kids' splashing water add to nature’s music
Peace, on hearing chanting hymns from relic
Rustling of leaves being swept off the road
Clanking of washed out metals when stowed

The smiles that from heart to lips rise
Faith rekindled jaunts sparkling the eyes
As I rise filling the blessings of nature borne
Once again I hopefully welcome the new morn.
7.38pm, 15 Aug, 13


  1. amazing poem with great words which speak of emotions !!!

    दिल से बधाई स्वीकार करे.

    विजय कुमार
    मेरे कहानी का ब्लॉग है : storiesbyvijay.blogspot.com

    मेरी कविताओ का ब्लॉग है : poemsofvijay.blogspot.com


  2. Nice Poem .
    Really heart touching words .

    Respected Prritiy----Sneh Ji
    your blog is too beautiful as well your poems .

    Best Wishes

    ♥ रक्षाबंधन की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं ! ♥
    -Rajendra Swarnkar


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