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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

You Tell


If I say dawn has not arrived
Will you light my world like the sun

If I say there is no moon in my sky
Will you give moonlight-like, your words

If I say the clouds rained, yet not
Will you shower affection on my burning heart

If I say tears are drowning my life-boat
Will you become sailor, row it over to banks

If I say my hopes have dashed down
Will you burn the lamp of hope for me

If I say my dreams have scattered
Will you fill your dreams in my eyes

If I say I lost the strength in my legs
Will you show your destination, make me walk

If I say my soul is tarnished
Will you cleanse it, devotee soul

If I say I am no longer pure
Will you touch to make this iron ‘gold’

If I say I am losing the life
Will you be my life, make me victorious

If I say open the chains, come to me
Will you come in my arms, be mine forever
 11.25am, 15 may, 2012



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